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Cashback rewards at your favorite brands. Plus the rewards grow over time!

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Spend with a connected card to automatically get up to 20% back.

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No more confusing points systems, receipt pictures, or rewards that don't grow.

banks we support

Powered by the Teller API, we enable over a dozen major US banks to connect their accounts & earn extra cashback on their purchases.


our mission is to empower your data

We are committed to helping you earn for what you already do. By putting you in control of the value of your spending data, Soli lets your data earn.

your data, your $

Big tech has been profiting from your data for too long. Since you create the data, we believe you should own it. When you sign up for Soli and connect a card, we let your data directly earn you extra income – which you deserve!

  • Bank grade security: 256-bit AES
  • Data privacy compliant: GDPR, CCPA
  • Generates extra passive income for you

we're a B-corp

Our fundamental goal is to help everyday people. Placing such an importance on the people using our platform has led us to structure our organization as a B-corp. This officially holds our company to a high standard of business ethics with the intention of giving back as much as possible to our users.

  • Socially responsible
  • Mission drive organization
  • Aligned to help everyday people

coming soon: new products

We're a rapidly growing startup with exciting new features on the horizon.


Even more cashback. You'll be able to earn more rewards by creating an FDIC-insured checking account with Soli, including your very own card.


Web3 - Get ready for the currency designed to give you cryptographic ownership over your data.

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We're live with up to 20% cashback on purchases at your favorite brands and interest rates of 3% and higher atop those rewards.

Supports major banks
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